At Selenion Strategy Group, we transform entrepreneurial visions into tangible successes. Specializing in bespoke strategies, we guide you from concept to growth, ensuring your business journey is as impactful as it is successful.

they're dynamic forces, catalysts for change, creativity, and transformation. They thrive on pushing boundaries, challenging beliefs, and pioneering innovations.

Launching a business is a formidable challenge, especially in a world that continually evolves socially and politically, demanding strategic adjustments.

From laying the foundation of a business structure to crafting strategies that bring your concepts to life, and providing ongoing resources for success, Selenion Strategy Group stands by you at every crucial step.

Whether you're poised to embark on the entrepreneurial journey or seeking to elevate your existing business, Selenion Strategy Group is your dedicated partner.

The ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship requires agility, and we are here to ensure you not only navigate these shifts but also thrive amidst them.

Ready to commence your business venture or take it to the next level? Let us be your guide and ally on this transformative journey.

Assembling the right team and employing winning strategies is the key to a successful business.

Success isn't merely about intelligence, speed, financing, or opportunities but revolves around the ability to form a cohesive team. Overlooking the universal principles of success applicable across various fields can lead to missed opportunities for wealth and prosperity. We provide our clients with exclusive education, geared towards the top 5 percent globally, emphasizing action-oriented and results-driven approaches. 

Entrepreneurs often dive into business without understanding vital aspects like business structure, asset development, leverage creation, networking, and success-oriented steps.

Expertise in navigating societal, political, economic dynamics, along with adapting to technological advancements, is essential. Staying updated and agile in refining strategies becomes paramount for sustained growth in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Embracing the wisdom within the lessons while accepting failure or setbacks as a crucial lesson in the journey toward success can be difficult. 

Success is an outcome intricately tied to the fabric of failures and missteps. When embarking on uncharted territories or attempting something new, setbacks are inevitable. Each failure, however, serves as a building block for growth.

In the words of Thomas Edison, whose perseverance led to groundbreaking inventions, failure is not a roadblock but a discovery process. "I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work," encapsulates the essence of viewing failures as stepping stones to success.

Lessons, while invaluable, are only as effective as the actions they inspire. Let us be the catalyst for meaningful and transformative results on your road to success.

At Selenion Strategy Group, we believe that your "why" fuels your passion, and your "how" relies on your business acumen.

Our mission is to chart actionable steps that transform your "how" into a clear pathway to realizing your goals. Recognizing that no one is an island and success thrives on collaboration, we emphasize the indispensability of teamwork in building a thriving business.

Operating a business entails a multitude of knowledge and skills, and trying to navigate it alone can lead to burnout and increased likelihood of failure. Avoid the pitfalls of solo-preneurship by surrounding yourself with a dynamic and skilled team.

We understand the significance of assembling the right people to enhance your strengths and fill the gaps in your knowledge.

By partnering with Selenion Strategy Group, you not only optimize your chances of success but also create a robust foundation for turning your dreams into reality.

Let us guide you in crafting a winning team that complements your vision and accelerates your journey towards achieving your aspirations.

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.

The Essence of Selenion

At Selenion Strategy Group, we don’t just offer advice; we provide a blueprint for success. Our approach, The Selenion Blueprint, is a comprehensive, bespoke strategy that guides you through every stage of your business journey. It's more than a plan; it's a roadmap to your aspirations.

The Story Behind Our Name:

"Selenion" is a thoughtful fusion of "Selene" and "Centurion." Selene, known as Mene in Greek mythology, is the moon goddess who elegantly steers her chariot across the heavens, embodying the nurturing, intuitive, and creative aspects of female energy. In contrast, the Centurion, a commander responsible for a century of 100 legionaries in ancient Rome, symbolizes the assertive, strategic, and protective elements of male energy.

This duality reflects the multifaceted nature of business. Just as the moon influences balance, seasons, tides, evolution, and inspiration, Selenion Strategy Group aims to be a guiding and balancing force in your business journey. The Centurion's spirit of valor and strategic defense underscores our commitment to protecting and advancing your business interests.

Incorporating these dynamic forces into your business strategy creates a formidable synergy. At Selenion Strategy Group, we stand as champions in the business arena, embodying purpose and intention while delivering actionable steps towards your goals. Our approach ensures that success is not a question of 'if' but 'when.'

With Selenion Strategy Group, you harness the strength, balance, and determination essential for propelling your business towards inevitable success. Let our name be a testament to the powerful journey we embark on together, charting a course towards excellence and achievement.

Selenion Strategy Group offers comprehensive services to ensure the long-term success and growth of businesses.


Establishing a robust corporate structure is pivotal for sustained business stability. Selenion Strategy Group collaborates with clients to evaluate their objectives, ensuring their current structure aligns with both present and future needs. Whether it's refining the existing structure or initiating a change, we guide you through the process with thoughtful consideration.


A business must navigate its journey with strategic intent, a plan. Selenion Strategy Group assists clients across various industries in defining objectives, crafting comprehensive plans encompassing sales, marketing, growth, labor, and capital requirements.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between your current position and your envisioned future.


Every stage of a business, from startup to maturity, demands resources. Identifying, acquiring, and managing these resources can be challenging. Selenion Strategy Group engages with clients to comprehend their current and future resource needs, leveraging our extensive network to secure the necessary resources on their behalf.

Our Approach:

  • Understanding and Review:

We delve deep into your business and goals, conducting a thorough assessment of your business structure's health.

  • Strategic Planning:

Collaboratively, we create a detailed plan with actionable steps, providing a clear roadmap to guide your business towards its objectives.

  • Regular Check-ins:

To ensure ongoing alignment with your goals, we conduct weekly half-hour meetings, allowing for time adjustments if necessary.

  • Contractual Support:

As needed, we provide contractual assistance, ensuring legal frameworks support your business initiatives. Take the reins of your business's destiny with Selenion Strategy Group. We are dedicated to facilitating your journey by offering tailored solutions, strategic guidance, and ongoing support.

Meet Carol Carpenter

A seasoned entrepreneur who has achieved success across diverse industries, including motorcycles, media, advisory services, and entertainment. With firsthand experience in launching businesses, establishing processes, crafting contracts, building organizational structures, formulating strategies, and facilitating scaling, Carol is a wealth of knowledge in the intricate journey of entrepreneurship. 

Notably, Carol is the acclaimed author of the Amazon Bestseller, "The Elegant Disruptor," and a passionate advocate for women in business. As a distinguished TedX speaker, she shares insights on risk in this thought-provoking talk. Her commitment to values like justice, equality, and inclusion is epitomized through her comic book character, "Vixen." 

Carol leads a dedicated team of advisors, specializing in assisting first-time business owners in establishing robust structures, strategic planning, and providing essential resources for sustainable growth while mitigating risks. Whether you're at the inception of your business or envisioning expansion, entrust us to tailor solutions that align with your goals. We combine experience, advocacy, and a proactive approach to empower your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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